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Universitas Budi Luhur Terbaik Di Jakarta

Sejarah Budi Luhur

Berdirinya Universitas Budi Luhur diawali dengan pendirian Yayasan Pendidikan Budi Luhur pada 1 April 1979. Kiprah Yayasan Pendidikan Budi Luhur dalam pendidikan tinggi dimulai dengan didirikannya Akademi Ilmu Komputer (AIK) pada tahun 1979, yang merupakan perguruan tinggi komputer swasta pertama di Indonesia. Sejarah pendidikan tinggi Indonesia mencatat langkah demi langkah perkembangan Akademi Ilmu Komputer sejak tahun 1979 yang layak disebut sebagai pelopor dalam pendidikan tinggi dibidang komputer di Indonesia.
Universitas Budi Luhur (UBL) adalah sebuah universitas swasta yang merupakan penggabungan dari Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK), Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE), Sekolah Tinggi Teknik (STT) dan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (STISIP), diresmikan pendiriannya pada tanggal 7 Juni 2002, berdasarkan surat keputusan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia Nomor 114/D/O/2002. Universitas Budi Luhur yang merupakan suatu perwujudan karya nyata Yayasan Pendidikan Budi Luhur bagi bangsa dan negara Republik Indonesia, dirancang untuk ikut mencerdaskan anak bangsa dengan dilandasi budi pekerti yang luhur.
Universitas Budi Luhur adalah sebuah perguruan tinggi swasta yang mengemban misi dari Yayasan Pendidikan Budi Luhur, dengan berlandaskan pada motto Asah-Asih-Asuh. Universitas Budi Luhur menyelenggarakan pendidikan, mengembangkan dan menyebarluaskan serta mengabdikan ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi, kesenian dan ilmu kemanusiaan serta ilmu sosial untuk mengupayakan agar bangsa Indonesia menjadi bangsa yang cerdas dan berbudi luhur.

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Iwan Fals Dan Kopi Koleksinya

Iwan Fals Kopi TOP markotop
Now again raged Iwan Fals and coffee products that starred. Every day the ad visited the eye and our space. Thank God it was luck and hopefully he gets fan benefits. But please diinget, Iwan Fals advance has often promoted the coffee you know. Oooh ... so this is not the first coffee Iwan FALS? ... If no one ya mean well.

Let us dismantle and investigate more about Iwan Fals and coffees collection.
1. If you have a collection of songs 'ghoib' alias Iwan FALS songs Iwan Fals not officially released would be familiar with the song titled 'Semar mendem' which was made in 1978 (hopefully ane nope wrong). This song tells the story about officials who make unannounced visits to monitor the markets for basic needs in order not to increase the price stable. But it turns out after it finished Sidak, rising food prices creeping up. Unlike the official official statement stating that mediated no increase in food prices. In this song Iwan FALS asked what the price of coffee, why all the prices went up quite haphazard Semar not fit at the time he announced. Apparently at that time Iwan FALS groggy when coffee prices are also high. If now? hehehe ...
2. Still with the song 'ghoib' Iwan Fals. There's a song called 'Son of sandalwood (Simple Lifestyle)' infonya also made in 1978. From the lyrics tells about the life of young officers whose business supported by his father in power. Then the father of officials advise people to live simply. This is contrary to the family lifestyle wallowing in wealth, they had everything including having coffee business throughout parts of the country. This has led to jealousy. Byuh ... This bath water they use coffee probably yes.
 3. This one song of 1981 on Teacher simple as we know named 'Umar Bakri'. This narrated honest public servants serve but the country does not appreciate his services by always cutting teacher salaries Omar Bakri. Narrated morning before leaving for school teaching, Mr. Omar said, "It's delicious coffee I think once ...". Until this moment I do not know what disruput coffee stamp pack Omar Bakri. Curious exact brand of coffee, because Mr. Bakri preman convincingly. I have not been asked to sempet Iwan Fals, Iwan mas hopefully be able to answer in the comment section below. But definitely not the coffee that he advertise now. Age was not a model like this coffee season. hehehe ...
 4. Then there was another coffee nyempil the song Miss Tini, one song 'ghoib' Iwan fals (unfortunately I do not have the full lyrics). Here's an excerpt FALS Iwan interview with Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine in 2007 in which there is a bit of discussion about the song Miss Tini and coffee.

RSI: When it comes to the song Miss Tini event?
IF: That's my alone time in 1984. At that time in Pekanbaru. I considered insulting. Soeharto and Tien Soeharto. Because I make a song and the name of the character Ms. Tini Pak Soeharto. Suharto was a truck driver, if ya Tini was a converted prostitute then open a shop selling coffee. They were both married. But Suharto work diputusin then be criminals and not go home again. Either die or remarry. Ms Tini not stand and hold a prostitute again. That's a story in my songs.
 5. Ever seen a movie starring Iwan Fals on in 1986?. The film is titled 'Peace We All Day' exact match with the title of one song Iwan Fals. This song tells the story of exuberant rhythmic harmony of the life of a family, where one morning Iwan FALS awoken and was greeted with a cup of coffee. There are two versions of this song. The first version of 'coffee' and the second is a version of 'coffee milk' (the term is defined chains). Two versions of this recording is also outstanding, but the version of 'coffee' on the compilation album, while the version of 'coffee milk' was an album release Sore Tugu Pancoran 1985. Which version of 'coffee' is used for the soundtrack of the film "Peace We All Day '. I do not know why there are two versions made coffee on this song, maybe Iwan FALS like both, black coffee and coffee milk. Unfortunately not coffee or coffee ginger Arab yes sir Tanto, but it was kind of coffee joy ane ... hehehe ...
 6. Again I found the song 'ghoib' Iwan Fals somehow made anytime. This song is by the fans titled 'Coffee Coffee Bitter Sweet'. Do not know what the original title. Is this song the story about coffee?. Not really. This song is the lyrics just berpantun just not the full story about the coffee. Section known lyrics are "hey ... hey Cirebon Africa ....".
 7. Unloading more collection eventually found one awesome album Iwan FALS the album's release Immortals in 1989. Here are the songs 'Girls Night', a song that tells about women and anxiety night life. In one verse lyrics written "a cup of coffee a cigarette". Iwan FALS describe coffee loyal friend is smoking. For most smokers, the best friend is the coffee. But for coffee enthusiasts do not necessarily smoke. If ente prefer coffee while doing?. If ane asiknya coffee while chasing a thief. : P
8. UPDATE (8/15/12). After a friend reported via the comments field below, it turns out you again soon spilled coffee from FALS Iwan song is from the album There Is No title release in 1992. There, the coffee is on track 'Print Field'. Iwan story FALS absorbed in reading the morning paper over coffee. And he read a disturbing news pikirannya.Memang right, the cool read the morning paper over coffee :).Naaah ... I think it's just a collection of Iwan Fals successful coffee I found in the barn. Loading and unloading could not anymore but why ndak met. If there is an additional collection of coffee ente Iwan Fals else please let you know ya.Back on coffee products FALS now starring Iwan, Iwan FALS is going to make a song about coffee as well as part of a promotion?. I hope yes. Given the current ad starring Iwan FALS motorcycle products made in India the other day, he also made a special order about the song titled Riding motorcycles Coklatku.
Iwan Fals Kopi TOP Coffee markotop

Sruput kopi 'Markotop' dulu, gan... 
tapi jangan kebanyakan kopi, ntar melotot.... 
(sb - iwanfalsmania.com) 
Tips membuat kopi yang top markotop versi ane :
  1. Siapkan cangkir minum untuk manusia. Jangan pakai ember atau panci masak, ntar susah nyeruputnya.
  2. Tuang 1 (satu) sendok teh kopi bubuk. Hati-hati bungkus atau toplesnya jangan sampai ikut masuk ya, entar bisa nyangkut di mulut dan rasanya jadi aneh.
  3. Tambahkan 2 (dua) sendok teh gula. Atau sekarung gula juga boleh sesuai selera.
  4. Guyur dengan air mendidih. Harus yang mendidih sampai uapnya mengepul-ngepul biar afdol.
  5. Aduk searah jarum jam sebanyak jumlah gigi Ente yang tersisa. Ngaduknya harus lemah lembut dengan penuh perasaan cinta. Anggaplah seperti mengelus-elus kepala kucing kesayangan ente.
  6. Tunggu sejenak sampai agak dingin, jangan langsung diseruput. Tapi silahkan kalau mau langsung diminum, mungkin bisa bikin eksotis bibir ente.
  7. Jangan lupa ucapkan 'Bismillah' sebelum nyeruput dan 'Alhamdulillah' setelah selesai. Lumayan nambah pahala, gan.

Cara Mudah Naik Angkot Menuju Kediaman Iwan Fals atau Panggung Kita

Cara Mudah Naik Angkot Menuju Kediaman Iwan Fals atau Panggung Kita

Rumah Iwan Fals Leuwinanggung
Suasana rumah Iwan Fals
Panggung Kita is a term that refers to a stage located in the backyard of the home country's well-known musician, aka Listanto Virgiawan  Iwan Fals. This means that if we were heading to the stage we, in fact we were on our way to the residence of the living legend.
The house is located in the village Iwan FALS Leuwinanggung, Cimanggis, Depok (full address: Village Leuwinanggung 19 RT.01 RW.02 Cimanggis, Depok 16 956). Beginning this area under the administration of the city of Bogor. But with the development of city planning, is now under the supervision of the administration moved to the city of Depok.
To get to the village Leuwinanggung with cheap public transport, the first friend should go is the bus terminal. Especially for friends who live in the outskirts of Jakarta, sambangilah first bus terminal in Jakarta is the easiest of the city where friends lived. As we all know there are so many inter-city bus terminal and the city of Jakarta. Pulogadung example, Block M, Lebak Bulus, Kampung Rambutan etc..One of my messages, friends must be very careful when looking at the bus terminal in the city of Jakarta. Do not suggest that we do not know the city, reasonable force is the best. Often the bully on the bench idle bus that goes to the people that they tengarai as newcomers. Apes-apesnya wallet can float. Hopefully not to happen.At the bus terminal to any friends in the city, the friends should continue to use the city bus Kampung Rambutan majors.Arriving at Kampung Rambutan bus terminal, a friend gave way to a small public transportation vehicle, a type of public transportation station wagon with the number 121, majoring in Cullinan.With 121 public transportation, the friend off at Cibubur Plaza located at the corner junction. Well, from the entrance on the side of Cibubur Plaza, the friends went on a trip with public transportation vehicles similar to the earlier route number 79 majors Leuwinanggung.When you are in the top 79 majors Leuwinanggung no public transportation, the friend may feel at ease. Left to sleep would not be lost again, because the vehicle has the last stop or base public transportation Leuwinanggung located in the village, where the residence of Iwan Fals and Stage We are.79 When public transportation was stopped at the base, my path to live within a few hundred meters away and the first T-junction, turn right. Not far away, a friend will get to the destination.When friends go there in order to watch a concert or an event held at the Stage We are, more not be confused anymore. After a lot of public transportation definitely our comrades that one goal. Staying rollicking stage we walk to his beloved.What if there were any events? It's all right, all the people who are around the base of public transportation 79 it would be happy to show the location of the house Iwan fals or Stage Kita.So, it's easy right? Kampung Rambutan Terminal as the key. I believe, when a friend was there once, would so many alternative ways that friends can make for an easier path, short or practical. But for those who have never been at all, the way the above will greatly help towards Stage We travel companions. (Us)
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